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If you are going from Delhi to Haridwar or even Meerut, after crossing Hapur Mor, you cannot miss glimpse of a beautiful Shankh (Conch Shell) building on your left. This is Shri Mannan Dham, an Ashram (hermitage) or you can say a temple consists of Maa Durga, Lord Shiva, Ram Parivkar, Nav Grah and Shri Radhe Krishna. There is very interesting story behind the development/growth of this ashram/temple. Followers and pupils of Sadguru Maharaj Deva Maa ji, who devoted all her life for development of society, nation, religion and above all humanity, always stayed away from press/media and politics, went and requested their Guru/Teacher for a temple, which was interestingly refused by Deva Maa ji, as she advised her followers instead of making new temple/religious places it is better that they should maintain what is we already have in hand. Sadguru Deva Maji, was of the opinion once you start a religious entity, you must maintain it like you have your own parents in a house and she was not happy with the society making temples for name/fame or commercial sake and then not take care of it. After incessant request from followers with a plea that almost all the panths (the creeds) have plenty of places to get-together and worship their Guru, Teacher. As was her motherly nature she agreed and gave guidance and also a design of Shri Manan Dham, which was then a small form of what we see here. As was design given by Maaji, as is in the name, Manan, means, remembering name of the god or what we effortlessly call yoga.

The proposed structure, had a total height of 108 ft. With 32 ft. Long Sankh on it. The structure below has eight konas (angles) or ashthakar. The main secret which is now revealed is that when there is rain the droplets from sky drop on shankha and from shankha it falls on Shivlinga, 108 ft down which is god made Abhishekha and this Abhisheka Jal thus taken by any individuals is Amrit/Nectar. The proposed structure had as explained a shivlinga in the hall and above it a special place built for Dhyana/Yoga and Manan with shankha on your top. Shankha also reflects as Vedas/gyana or knowledge and if sunlight reflect through shankha it spreads, knowledge/gyana. The very fact which is been acknowledged by many villagers around Shri Manan Dham that it has improved their way of life and their children over the years. The surroundings which were infamous with socials evils are today habitat of peace and harmony. The foundation stone was laid by Maji as the insistence of pupils in the year January 31, 1992 on a land measuring appx. 1 acre, but now you will see a well developed fully fledged temple on three times of space of three acres and there is another interesting story behind this. Whilst the kar sewa was going for the proposed Shri Mann Dham Ashram, devotees, villagers, and even workers observed lot of strange activities such as the building material which was earlier prone to theft was lately guarded by huge Kobras, the Shivlinga being worshiped by strange entities during early hrs of the day. Even, one muslim worker named_______ saw lord shiva and ma parvati in the dawn of around 4.30, resulted into a beautiful temples. Construction of Shankh was quite hurculioun job, as it was quite difficult to make structure of 100 tonns on stand on a small ear of shankha. It took eleven years to come out to be an architect marvel of its own and finally inaugurated by Shri Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, the then Vice President of India on 20/1/2003.

The premises now consists of Temples of Maa Vaishno Devi, which is blessed to be that in case you can not visit Vaishno Devi, Katra, you get the same pilgrim benefit here. As per Sadguru Deva Maa ji visiting and getting blessing from Ma Vaishno Devi, Shri Manan Dham, is as good as getting blessings from all the wage from Vaishno Devi Katra. Besides there are temples of Shri Radha Krishna, Ram Darbar, Shiv Parivar, Shiva Rudraksha and Navgrah. Here it is very pertinent to mention that you will never see a Navgarh temple they way it is built here. As per Sadguru Maharaj Deva Maa ji it Navgrah correspond to as they are in Brahamands/Universe.

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